Nurturing Curious Minds

Jake and Pex had fun with a little bit of science today. We used a microscope to look at a few specimens – cloth fibers, cotton wool and an ant. Yes, you heard me, an ant.

We have been having ant issues for awhile and there are ant poisons in various parts of the house so now and then you’d find a dead ant lying somewhere on the ground or on the table. The kids ended up going on an ant hunt and brought back more ants than needed as specimens.

My husband and I tried to explain to them about the segments of the ant and it’s feelers but showing to them on the microscope. Their attention span lasted about 2 minutes and they played with the tweezers instead, trying to pick up tiny stuff from the floor to place into the specimen container!

I almost got upset because of their lack of focus but then I remembered that the aim is all about exploration. Be it scientific or not. This is to nuture a curious mind and I’m not going to stop that. Now folks, remember, it’s all in the name of fun!

And for your curious mind out there, this is how a part of an ant looks like under the microscope.

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